Le Temps-Time

“Le bon vieux temps”, “ce n’est plus comme avant”, “le meilleur est à venir”, “l’avenir nous le dira”…

Nous sommes esclave du temps. Le temps est partout, dans l’Histoire, la science, l’économie, la géographie, la mode, les médias…

Le temps nous donne une appréciation des choses accomplies et de nos projets. Mais le temps n’est qu’une variable sans logique. Le passé n’est pas mieux, le futur n’offre pas plus d’espérance. Le temps n’est ni ami, ni ennemie. Seul le présent existe et est bien réel. Parce que nous sommes tributaires du temps nos actes, nos pensées sont conditionnés et l’idée du bonheur aussi. L’Happy ending n’existe pas et ne fait aucun sens, être résilient n’empêche pas la venue d’autres épreuves. La clé du bonheur c’est de ne pas s’évanouir dans le temps mais croire en ce que l’on fait aujourd’hui, sans être rongé par le passé et le temps qui passe, ni en étant soufflé par une espérance naïve du futur. Car l’être que nous sommes à l’instant présent représente celui que nous avons été et que nous voulons être.  L’attente de lendemains meilleurs “Quand ?”, “Comment ?” des regrets, des remords “Pourquoi ?”, tout cela empêche l’esprit de s’épanouir dans le “maintenant”, ce majestueux Présent. Mais qu’est ce que me maintenant, est-ce aujourd’hui, est-ce en cette heure précise, cette minute, seconde? Est-ce une période de vie? Dans l’évolution de nos existences, réside le mystère de vouloir être …partout. J’aime l’idée que l’on puisse se perdre dans le présent, dans nos pensées dans une autre dimension qui n’est ni le passé, ni le futur…dans l’absence, l’absence du temps. 


” The good old days “, ” it’s not like before “, ” the best is yet to come “, ” Time will tell ” …

We are all slave to Time . Time is everywhere in history , science , economics, geography, fashion, media …

Time gives us an appreciation of things accomplished and of our coming projects. But time is a variable without any logic. The past is not better, the future does not offer more hope. Only the present exists and is real. Time is neither a friend nor an enemy. Because we are dependent on time, our actions, our thoughts are conditioned and the idea of ​​happiness as well. The Happy ending does not exist and makes no sense, being resilient does not prevent other troubles in our life to come. The key to happiness is not to fade in time but believe in what we do today , without being consumed by the past and the passing of time, or being blown by a naive hope of future. What we are now is what we have been and we want to be. The expectation of  better tomorrows “When ?”, “How ?”, regrets, remorses, “Why?”, prevent the mind to flourish in the “now”, this majestic Present. But what is the present is it today, is it in this very hour, this minute, second? Is it a period of life? In the evolution of our lives, lies the mystery of wanting to be … everywhere. I like the idea that one can get lost in the present, in one’s thoughts, in another dimension that is neither the past nor the future … in the absence, the absence of time.

ImageImage                                             Photo: Joan Fontcuberta


Toilet Paper for Kenzo


Fall is coming but  the fashion agenda is never as active and interesting as in September! I love it so much when luxury brands choose unconventional ways to promote their campaigns as Kenzo for Fall 13/14. The brand collaborated with the magazine Toilet Paper.

Founded in 2010 by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari with the art direction of Micol Talso Toilet Paper is picture-based magazine. In the last three years, photos published in the magazine have been applied to a variety of products and media, exploring the multiple possibilites for images to live beyond the pages. In June 2013, TOILETPAPER images have been featured on Palais de Tokyo’s museum in Parisfront windows.

Featuring products and  miniature versions of Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi and model Sean O’Pry dressed in Kenzo, the results are overwhelming. Very aesthetic, colorful, funny ,”décalé” and visionary the new campaign mixing art and Luxury is very inspirative!

Check it out!

toilet paper 1


kenzo toilet paper 1

kenzo toilet paper 2

kenzo toilet paper 3

kenzo toilet paper 4

kenzo toilet paper 5

Summer Temper, Summer Lightness

Always nostalgic when Summer is passing , Summer is ending… Red mornings,  endless perfumed nights and craziness are vanishing. The heat of the season surrounded my thoughts and make me feel lighter but as usual Fall is coming with its cold and darkness that people hate but that I secretly embrace.

This summer was sweet and Swedish for me, with  great reading opportunities and long city walks. I love what Stockholm can offer during Spring/Summer; incredible colors and scents that inspired me so much and reminded me as Albert Camus said  that” In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. “





faust collage

Dress From American Retro, shoes from Zara, Bracelets from See by Chloé, Scarf Vintage.

ete rouge 2

night roof

Petite France Bageri in Stockholm Miam!


Le Petit déjeuner est servi!
This morning I could not resist but to have a typical French “petit déjeuner”. Thanks god Petit France Bageri is in Stockholm.


Pains au chocolat, croissants and oranais with a handmade orange juice were perfect to start the day! As a French girl I must have my sugar dose to start the day, I know it is bad but who can resist a French breakfast ;)


If you live in Stockholm do not hesitate to pay a visit!

<a href=””></a&gt;
Bon Appetit!

Tell me what is in your bag, I will guess who you are!

Isn’t is fascinating what women can carry in their bags! From beauty products to books we love to have lot of stuffs in our bags, like Mary Poppins! But the funny thing is that some of this objects are not useful at all but there is no way we get them out of our bag!


I always have in my bag a Petite Mendigote message pouch with my red Chanel lipstick and Yves Saint Laurent “Effet faux cils” and my Terracota from Guerlain. Also I always have a scarf that can be used to accessorize MY bag itself or to sophisticate an outfit. As I love reading I often have a book that I can read during my off moments and my note book where I love to write small funny details of our everyday life!

But besides all those glamourous things I usually have a lots of old receipts of my favorite shoes designers, old Parisians metro tickets and some hair clips (…and I have to admit sometimes some melted chocolate oups …)



What’s inside your bag you can’t get rid of?

A New Fashion addiction?!

dico faust 1

Addiction is often a word hackneyed in our everyday life but anyway I guess that some of my addictions are defining who I am! I’m addicted to chocolate, shoes, Sex and the city, red lipstick, French literature, Sons of Anarchy, nail polishes, Family Guy, crosswords, South Park, macarons, diet coke,  Vogue, black dresses, crêpes and( I know it’s bad) gossip magazines . The list could be longer of course  and there is not such a thing but the cravings of a fashionista.

And thanks god I have a new addiction born from my last trip in Paris: the slippers from Chatelles.

Showroom 1

Chatelles Showroom in Paris

showroom 2

I had the chance to go in the showroom to meet the founder François himself! Explaining  how he came with this genius concept. He was simply bored to see parisian women walking with their ballerinas that he judged too girly not enough feminine, not enough sophisticated: He is Parisian of course! So ha came with this idea of mixing the ballerina with the loafer to come with those perfect slippers that fit all types of women: from the teenagers to the grand ma’s, from the skinny to the curvy ones, from the Petites to the tallest!

Then the funny part is that they exist in so many colors and materials and you can also choose to have tassels or not and of course you choose once again the color. Inside on the sole you have a  verse from a French poet inscription.

Well for people like me that have a tendency to addiction …Chatelles is definitively in my obsession list. I choose the Klein blue pair with golden tassels and François offered me the black one as well that I can switch. So comfortable and so fabulous, I’m wearing my slippers all the time!

You can shop your pair here:



Haute Couture is not dead!


I just went to this amazing Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Moderna Museet of Stockholm. The exhibition is marvelous, interactive with holograms   and Jean Paul  himself, talking (in French, s’il vous plait) about La Parisienne, Why he put men on dress and about fashion, couture!

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 20.42.09

When I studied fashion in Paris I learned about the Haute Couture heritage, craftsmanship, but also how some designers managed to change the face of fashion and somehow the society: Chanel  took off corsets from the wardrobe to replace them by pants and tailleurs at a time were women started to get their independence and to work. But she still sublimed them with a black dress and pearls.  Yves Saint-Laurent made women sexy and feminine with pants and also introduced ethnicity in his collection putting down the domination of the white women beauty to reveal the beauty of women all around the world. Those fashion details had a huge effects on the beauty perception but also on our everyday lifestyle.


Jean Paul Gaultier in the late 70′s and beginning of 80′s started to be one of them. He brought Punk style on runway, put on some dresses on men, brought back the corsets to women to set them even more free. Some will call him provocative, I would say genius. Through the years he managed to dress icons like Madonna, Farida, Kylie Minogue and the everyday parisiennes making them sexy, feminine and real. The Marinière is one of his most iconic item, he likes to play with it at each runways and compose a new story with it every season.  He never changed his path even though critics have been hard and I just love him, voilà!


punk cancan

urban jungle

Roof Stop in Stockholm

I guess in another life i was a cat!

I like everything that’s fluffy, velvet sofa, pillows, warm and soft blankets, I like when someone touch my hairs and my neck and love walking on cities roofs! 

Stockholm is amazing from the roofs we can see all the dynamics of the city, the old city monuments stand out in the middle of the modern architecture and everything seems to go perfectly together!



I enjoy this view to shoot a skirt newly bought from H&M that is wonderful to mix with designers pieces! it encapsulates  the Dior New look but I like to bring the Chanel modern style (paradoxal right?) Anyway I just love it and think i’m gonna mix it with all my closet during this fall!

ImageMarinière Top from Zara, Skirt from H&M, shoes from Chanel






Shirt From H&MImageImage


Beauté from Corsica


I spend a majority of my teenage time in Corsica, known as the “Beauty Island”, L’île de Beauté in French. I had the chance to go back there for my sister’s wedding, in Coti Chiavari, next to Ajaccio.


Top from H&M, Dress from Topshop

domaine night


                       Shirt and Shoes from Surface To Air, Minaudière from Zara

Besides its outrageously beautiful landscape and amazing food, Corsica has a strong History, culture and people. Of course everyone knows Napoleon but did you know that Corsica was the first region of the world to become in 1755 a modern democratic state before the french revolution and the American Independence?

Corsicans’ are people that succeed, that have talent and a strong temper! Lot of my favourite people are from there: the dancer Pietragalla, the talentuous blogger Garance Doré or the model Laetitia Casta…


                     Dress From Maje, Shoes from André

plage 1 plage 2

Shorts from Paul and Joe Sister

I love the strong spirit of corsican people//I love corsican cheese and wine// I hate when too many people are there// I love the beauty of the sea, of the mountains of the land//I love how corsican people are aesthetic while living on a small island//

Midsommar i Sverige

midsommar light

I love Sweden, not only during Spring. I also love the cold and white winter, but Midsommar is so special for the Swedes that I can’t resist but talking about it! Sun, Summer and Holidays are celebrating during the longest day of the year. No night at all but a beautiful light for 24 hrs. While partying I could not help thinking about the sun, about the universe, how powerful is to stay awake, how overwhelming is for the mind to think there is no rest and to be so in tunes with nature and life around like there is no end.

But this day is actually the end of the long days. But before coming back to the darkness and the beauty of the night it is time for celebration and vacation! Next destination, Corsica in France!

midsommar 1

midsommar back

Details midsmmarI love Sweden and its sun//I hate feeling tired in the middle of midsommar//I hate harengs (sorry)//I love potatis//I hate the fact that I feel so ugly compared the sweet Swedish girls//I love earring the pulse of the nature that varies all over the day with the light//I love to party//I hate the END.



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